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Rocket Point of Sale - The World's best MS-Windows based Point of Sale software package on the market today. From the easy to use Touch-Screen interface as well as the end-user configurable layouts and functionality.

If you own a Retail store, Wholesale business or other type of business where tracking customers, inventory, vendors and purchase orders are important, you have found the right software.

Used by literally thousands and thousands of retail stores all across the country.  In 1997, Rocket Point of Sale was initially designed from scratch to run on Microsoft Windows. Over the years, along with the upgrades,  the new enhanced features as well as the reliability, has reached the heights you would expect from a full-featured mature product. We continue to add new and exciting features through the years as our end-users supply us with ideas.

By clicking on the links below, you can see the answers to all of your questions. When compared to any other POS product, regardless of price, you will see Rocket POS is the correct choice for you.

NEW 2015 - Due to new PCI compliance requirements, put out by the credit card companies, support for the new type of credit cards that have a chip encoded within them, EMV Cards, you must upgrade your software by 2015. We will be releasing our new Version 14 to support this new type of credit card this summer of 2014. Watch this website for this release to be announced. Starting in 2015, if your POS software is not upgraded and NOT compatible with the new EMV Cards, you will be responsible for any fraud by a card used in your business or other business establishment once it's been used in YOUR store. Please re-read that last line again. In other words, you scan a card that does not have the proper interface and equipment to pick up the microchip embedded in the credit card and that data gets out or stolen, you will be liable for anyone using that data. Since credit cards have to be processed over the internet, trust me, the data will get out. This can cost you many thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. Many cards already contain the micro-chip and by next year (2015) all of the credit cards will.

Currently Today - Visa is mandating an Upgrade to PCI Compliance! If you are using our Point of Sale to process credit cards, this information applies to you. It is MANDATORY!  PCI Download of Version 12 and Info


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